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Friday, July 16, 2010

Looks like another month has passed

And no action from me in blogging land.

I am on Uni holidays at the moment and here I was thinking about all the craft I would get done . . . well . . . ummmmmmmm . . . didnt really happen. Been too busy catching up with all the things I didnt get to do when I was studying ;)

I did finish my hat, and LOVE IT!! The pic is rather bad as I still dont have a camera :( I think its been almost a year. I really need to get one. But alas, they cost money :(

You can have a look at it on Rav if you want to see some more pics. I want to make another one in grey and perhaps a red one too ;)
My Uni is going well, I managed to pass all my units with is great. I didnt get HD's but hey . . . I dont have to repeat the units ;) Next semester is coming very soon. I am honestly not looking forward to it. Its just so hard!
Alright, enough from me, off to stalk some of your blogs ;) xxx