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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Christmas Craft - post 2

Here are some more Christmas crafts, a little knitting :) The first one is a scarf that I knitted for my BF, Lisa. I got this cute little wooden pin for it as well but dont have a good pic.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas Craft - post 1

Hey all, gee, I havent been a very good blogger lately have I? Sorry about that.

So, to update you a little I did some sewing for Christmas for some family. I made 2 x Project toy bags, 2 x diary covers and a little hand bag from the Made by Rae Buttercup Pattern. Its a lovely little pattern. I will definatly be making more of them. I only have a pic of one of the project bags though as I gave it away before I got any pics.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

My little spunks

I havent really updated you alot with my little spunks. My 2 yo spunk, is no longer 2! He turned 3 on Tuesday. Hes been looking forward to his birthday so much. On his birthday we had cupcakes at playgroup and then today we had a little gathering in the park for him as well.

Its amazing looking at pictures of him, he is growing up to be such a little boy now, no longer a baby ;) Well, he will always be my baby.

And here is the other little baby ;) Indigo. I will catch a picture with them both in it one day.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Chicks make my heart melt . . .

In the last few months we have had 2 batches of chicks hatch. The first lot are about 6 weeks old and 7 out of 9 were Roosters!! I know . . .what are the chances. 2 Roosters went to a new home which was lovely, 4 got buried last night and I kept 1 Rooster and 2 Hens. They are pretty cute.

Ok, so the latest lot hatched 2 days ago, gee that are sweet. Check out these pics with mum (Brenadette) and a few of her babies.

We have another chicken sitting on eggs at the moment as well, this time skilies.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Apron Swap on Crafty Mamas

WOW WOW WOW!!!! I received the most wonderful package today from a lovely mum on Crafty Mamas

The fabric is Apple Dot by Sandi Henderson (yes I know the name, its one of my all time favs!!!)

She also wrapped it in the prettiest fabric which I cant wait to use and included a really handy mag. Thank you so much! I love it to bits, it really made my day/week/month/year!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Indigo's Birthday outfit

Oh wow, I cant believe I forgot to share it with you!

This is the outfit that I made Indigo for her birthday.

The top pattern is by Pink Fig, the fabric is from the Mezzanine range by Patty Young aka Modkid Boutique.

The jeans were hand me downs that I altered as I was a little worried I had left it too late to make a full outfit for her. I was super happy with them.

So, here it is :) I dont have a camera at the moment so these are pics from my phone.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Look at me, I am a super cool Rainbow Mumma

Look at me! How super cool do I look! Well I think so ;) I had these megga spunky leggings made for me from Sara at Willow and Moo. She also made me a great top which you can see on her blog.

Kris - Monster Knits

Kris from Monster Knits is having a giveaway on her blog . . .


Thursday, October 15, 2009

Today is a day to remember . . .

The babies that made it to Heaven before their mummies :(

Today is Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day.

Its amazing how much I feel like my heart has been ripped out right now remembering our sweet 'Issac Caleb Everett' who died before he was born.

"The Angel in the Book of Life wrote down our darlings name and whispered as she closed the book, 'Too beautiful for Earth' "

Monday, September 28, 2009

Poppy Bean and Bloss - Giveaway

They just have the most beautiful creations. My sister http://acmtel.blogspot.com/ has a few of her sock monkeys that I have been trying to claim for a year now.

And now . . . she has a giveaway for a beautiful Waldorf Doll :) :)

Check out here :)

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

1 Year Ago Today

Our little Princess "Indigo Gabrielle Lisa" was born.

What a bitter sweet day.

In the last year we have made the following memorable achievements:

- Indigo gave her first smile
- Indigo learnt to roll
- Indigo eats mummy's cooking
- Indigo can walk (as of last night, the eve of her first birthday)

And finally, one that I am most proud of, Indigo has been 100% breastfed, no bottle, no Artificial Milk, 100% mummy's milk! I am just so proud that I made it to this moment.

I am not sure if Chris and I will have any more children. We have been so blessed with 3 lovely healthy children (Cody, Malakai and Indigo). They are all such lovely 'active' personalities. Its been an absolute privilege seeing them all growing up. Having said that, they are all still babies ;) Cody is such a wonderful driven boy, although I am so close to calling him a young man. He knows what he wants and he seeks out to get it. Malakai is so full of energy. He will jump off the stage at church and even more surprising, he can get back up without using the stairs! Indigo is learning from her big brothers, she can climb a ladder (at 1!!) yet still adores her cuddles with mummy and daddy. Her newest hobby is to give me raspberries on my belly, its oh so cute :) Well, not to mention WALK now! There is no stopping her.

So, where to from here? The world awaits us :) Its such a strange feeling knowing that life goes on. We have passed out of the baby stage, heading to the toddler stage. Not only that, it doesnt stop there.

So, thats it from me, Happy Birthday my little girl, we love you very much and cant wait to see your life unfold before us and are so privileged to be a part of it.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

The Melbourne Show

WOW, what a full on day. Its amazing how tired you can get by just 'walking' around all day.

We left on the train this morning to The Royal Melbourne Show. We werent planning on going but then my darling husband pointed out that the feature animal this year was Pekins so then we just HAD to go :)

I was really looking forward to it as Malakai is really into his animals at the moment. And guess what, we had a great day :)

We started out the day milking cows :) I was super excited about this one as I have never milked a cow. We all got to have a turn. Malakai even managed to get milk out as well :) Good one Kai :) Indi slept through it though so she never got to show her milking skills - LOL

After that we went to get Malakai's face painted as a tiger (pic above). I have never seen him sit so still. He was sooooo good. Every body we walked past for the rest of the day gave him a little growl which he just loved.

Then we went off to the Nursery were we got to see a little chick being born, a mummy dog with some very new pups and lots and lots of kid goats and lambs. Oh, and chickens as well :)

We went to see the chickens after that! That was fun. I told Chris that he could stay in the petting area but he wanted to come and check out the birds too. I think he secretly likes our chickens, I told him I wouldnt tell anyone though - LOL

(Not everyday you see a chicken, tiger, horse sandwich)

We then went to have some lunch which was then followed by Malakai and Indi deciding they wanted a sleep. So, what did they do?? Jump up into the carriers and have a little nap. It was so lovely. I had Indi in the Pikkolo all day anyway and Chris popped Kai into the Ergo on his back when he wanted a nap. We then enjoyed a stroll around the Food Pavillion which was really nice :) We did come out with some Chai tea and some Organic Corn Chips (which I am currently enjoying) and some potato seeds. The lady from Slow Foods (where the potato seeds are from) promised that I would be able to grow them :)

Oh, also I found out that there is a Farmers Market on every week in Mulgrave which is about 20 mins from me - ACE!

After all that we were super worn out, we hopped back onto the train and came home. We changed trains in the city to which Malakai definitvely said, after he took the last seat in the entire train, "There's no room for you Mummy". He then went onto say that Tigers eat tomatos and apples for dinner - very funny.

When we got home Kai - aka TIGER - had a shower. Much to our delight Malakai emerged from the shower Malakai again ;)

Monday, September 14, 2009

Craft to do list . . .

So, I thought blogging my list might be a good idea to try and remember which project to do first ;)

So, sewing I have:
- Frilly skirt for Lucy's daughter
- Pink Fig Lily Top and wide leg pants for Indi's birthday outfit
- Birthday present for Lisa (it was a month ago *blush*)
- Another little swing top for Indi for summer (I will post pics of the ones that i made on Sat for you in the next few days :) )
- Make it Perfect skirt for me

- Leg warmers for Mel's daughter
- Ishbel for me
- Socks for me in 4ply - wish me luck ;) Probably Eunice by Cookie A.
- Celtic Cable Neckwarmer

All that knitting doesnt include woolies that I need to do Indi for summer.

Ok . . . I will have a think and add if I can think of anymore I am missing.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Another Giveaway

Head over here. Whilst your over there, check out all her lovely creations, she is one tallented mumma :)

Friday, August 14, 2009

Cloth Pad Giveaway . . .

Over here . . .

Heidi and Seek

They look lovely.

More crafyness

Ok, my camera is still broken but I thought I would take some pics on my phone, so excuse the quality.

First of all are some more clippies . . . cause I know you just love them - LOL I made these ones for my Neice, Jemma :)

Next is some stitch markers I made for Sassafrass Wool Store. Thank you Heather for stocking them :)

Last of all is a little felted bag that I made a few weeks ago. I was given it as a kit from one of my besties - Lisa. It is so cute :) Love using it, makes me feel special. It also fits my bible really well to take to church etc.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Fresh Cut Soaps

Oh wow! Kelly, a close friend of mine, has just decided to open up a little store called "Fresh Cut Soaps". I knew she had been working away at her stock, but oh my! I just found her BLOG . . . you MUST go over there to see all the yummies she has been making.

She is due to open her store in a few weeks. I cant wait!!

Some of her new soaps are:

Coconut Lime Salt Bar
Green Tea and Chamomile Infusion
Cucumber Lime Facial Bar
Apple Peel
Choc Banana Shaving Soap
Black Raspberry
Manuka, Vanilla Bean and Goatsmilk
Chocolate Coffee Scrub

Check them out!! YUMO!!!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Oh blog oh blog, I have neglected thee

So sorry Mr Blog, I havent been keeping you up with the goings on in my life.

Honestly there isnt much to report on at the moment. I dont have a camera :( Which is getting me a little down. The Whirlwind that lives in our house - aka Malakai - left it for dead :( Have to work out how we are going to get it repaired.

Other than that, I have spent more time that ever stalking other peoples knitting and sewing and getting pretty much NOTHING done here. My house doesnt even look nice considering ;) LOL

So, I will, I promise, try and update you more often, but with no pics atm :(

Friday, June 26, 2009

More knitting for Indigo - "Milo"

Just finished knitting this lovely little top for Indigo. Its such a lovley knit, I am really happy with it.

These are the specs:
Pattern: Milo designed by Tikki
Needle: 4mm Addi's
Yarn: Woolganics Australian Merino- Colour Koyoto
Finished: 26 June 2009

You can find more details on Ravelry

Thursday, June 25, 2009

CMs Swap

I was involved in a little swap on Crafty Mumas and my package arrived yesterday from Stacey (from Outrageous)

It was an alphabet challenge so I received a lovely package full of items beginning with "S".

I was sooooooooooooo spoilt! I cant not believe how lovely my items were.

I received a SILK playcloth, hand dyed SOCK yarn and SWARORSKI crystal STITCH markers. The photos really dont do it justice. Its all so lovely and really made my day. Thank you so much Stacey!! :) :)

Monday, June 22, 2009


I visited a friend yesterday for lunch (which also turned into Dinner) and what did we do . . . made some clippies :)

I will have to say, the glue gun and I didnt start the best of friends, took me a little bit to learn that less is more in clip making.

And . . . to top off the lovely day, we went to Mathilda's Market in Malvern in the morning. I bought these lovely pants for Kai and Indi. They are size small and large. The small is a little long for Indi at the moment but fit Kai as shorts :) They are from Miss Haidee. I will try and get some action shots later in the week.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Longies for Indigo

So, now that its half way through June I finally found motivation to knit some longies for Indigo. I bought some wool from The Dye Pot a month or so ago that really inspired me. Its yummy 12ply Organic Merino . . . MMMmmmmm

Anyway, so here they are, knitted from my own pattern :) You can find some more info on them on Ravelry. They would look much nicer if I blocked them but I was far too impatient :)

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Look what I found . . .

. . . In the bottom of Indi's drawer. I made it when I found out Indi was a girl. It is a size 1 so it wont fit for a while yet but I thought I would bring it out to show you. Cute hey ;)

And what do you think she likes the most??? The label of course - LOL