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Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Here are some pics of the flower girl dress for you. I will see if I can get some more with the cape and update my post later on. I hope the pics show up ok.

Here is the Bride and Groom :) They were married at Howqua River in Vic.

Monday, April 27, 2009

I finished!

Guess what, I finished the flower girl dress. Well, I finished it last week but didnt tell you ;) I havent got any pics of it yet as it didnt really look that great without a model.

But I am happy to report that the flower girl stole the show ;) She looked wonderfully flower girly - LOL

It wasnt your typical wedding so the fabric wasnt your typical fabric if you remember. My fav bit of the outfit was the poncho I made. I really love it, I will have to make myself and Indi matching ones :) Humm . . . can you put Poncho's on boys????

I will see if I can get a pic for you later today :)

PS. I still have one spot left in my PIF ;)

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Pay it Forward

From Claire

I will make a handmade gift for the first 3 people who comment on this post :) I have 365 days to do it in…What it will be and when it will arrive is a total surprise!The catch is that you must participate as well, you must have a blog and before you leave your comment here, write up a pay it forward post on your blog to keep the fun going.

So, who wants a pressie from me?

Friday, April 24, 2009

Cute things they say

Last night Chris went to check on Malakai before we went to bed. When he opened the door he realised Malakai was asleep on the other side so he had to push Malakai across the floor with the door to get in.

When he got inside, he found a pair of goggles around his neck (Malakai loves goggles). Chris laid him down in bed and took the goggles off from around his neck. Then . . . Malakai said "Bye bye goggles" ha ha ha.

Chris was sure he was fast asleep but he wasnt, he was just happy for Daddy to carry him to bed. What a cutie :)

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Indigo can crawl!

I cant believe it. In the last week Indigo has reached 2 mile stones. The first thing, she now has a top tooth! Its amazing, she has just gone 7 months old. I knew about it too though cause she has been feeding soooo much, poor bubba.

Second thing, she can now commando crawl - well drag herself. Right towards Malakai's super crunchy peanut butter sandwich *blush*

She is such a precious little bubba, I love her so much :)

Monday, April 20, 2009

Yarn Scraps

I have often wondered what to do with left over yarn I have from project and today I found the answer!!!

POM POMS!!!!!!!!

I havent made pom poms since I was little as I remember making the donut shape and it taking forever. Then . . . today I found this tut that makes it so simple.

So . . . my yarn went from this:

To this :)

And Indigo gives it her approval :)

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Sunday finds

So, I have mopped the floor, Chris did all the dishes etc so now its window shopping time :) What did I find today . . .

THIS! Isnt it just the sweetest dress you have ever seen??? Here it is again cause I cant get enough of it :)

Its from My Poppert. They have some lovely things over there, you should go and check it out.

And, as promised a few weeks ago, here are some lovely boy things :)

Its much harder to find boy things that I would have thought :( Nevermind, I will keep window shopping and if I find any more yummy things I will let you know.

EDIT: More boy stuff :)

In case you hadnt noticed as well, you can click on the pics and it will take you straight to the seller.

All these pics of other peoples things is starting to inspire me. The flower girl dress has really killed off my mo jo. I still have to finish the cape!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Welcome new chookies ;)

Warning - Pic Heavy

I got 2 new chickens the night before last. All very exciting :) I am not 100% on their names yet but at the moment they are Sampson and Delilah.

They are called Pekins (they are missing a few tail feathers at the moment). I bought them from a Breeder in Melbourne called Bookachook. They are such a lovely pet to have. We now have 4 Hens and 2 Roosters. Mildred, Bernadette, Doris, Delilah (?), Noah and Sampson (?). If you have any suggestions on names please let me know :) The Rooster has to be an Biblical old testament name and the Hen can be any old fashioned name ;)

While I am here I will show off the new coop that Chris made for me. I am just so impressed :) Its so perfect :) Thank you to my lovely husband :) I now have 2 coops, one for them to sleep in every day which can house them all (Chris modified it from a double dog kennel a friend gave us with building materials we found during a hard rubbish collection) and one for when my hens go broody next summer for them to have little chicks in :) I cant wait. We hatched 3 chicks last year so hoping we can beat that this year coming.

And here is one more of Malakai snuggling into Noah, our current Rooster that is currently set for the chopping block :( Hes a little strange for a Rooster, not really sure what his deal is. Roosters generally look after their girls but he doesnt. We hatched him right before our last Rooster sadly died.

A few more pics just cause I can ;)

Doris (Blue) Bernadette (Buff)

MildredNoah in the front

They look a little ratty at the moment cause they are moulting.

EDIT: I just went to check on them all to make sure they went to bed ok and Malakai had put a big ball in their coop so they were all snuggled around it - haaa haaa, too funny ;)

Monday, April 13, 2009

Monster Trucks

We went to the Monster Truck show last night :) It was quite $ to get in and if you ever plan on going, PRE-PURCHASE your tickets. We parked ages away and had to walk to the gate (took about half an hour) only to be faced with a cue that took just as long.

We eventually got in. When we walked up to the display area a truck happened to come past right where we were standing and frighted the life out of poor Malakai. For the rest of the night he stayed snuggled into my chest with my hands over his ears otherwise he became really upset.

Towards the end of the show he did come around a little bit and would look at the trucks driving past. So, having said all that, you can kind of assume, I didnt get to see much of the show :(

There were also some jet cars that Malakai quited liked as they werent quite as loud and the fire really lit up the night sky.

Indigo was such a treat :) She slept snuggled up on Chris's chest in my Pikkolo all night :)

If we ever went again we would get there much earlier, bring ear plugs for the kids, and put a blanket down to make sure we had plenty of room. Oh, and pre-purchase tickets - ha ha

Melei Store

I was blog surfing the other night at Carolyns place and check out this sweet blog I found ;) Well, I dont think it was lost but it was a new descovery to me. I am just loving reading blogs at the moment.

The other new descovery for me was this sweet little store named Melei Store. Dont they just have the cutest stuff ever??? My fav is the Charlotte Dress. Check it out ;)

Friday, April 10, 2009


I woke up this morning in the usual bustle that happens in this house when we are trying to get somewhere on time (read *chaos* LOL) As I was having a shower I stopped, its Good Friday today, "What does that mean to me?"

Being a Christian it prompts so many thoughts and emotions. For one, sadness, I shouldn't feed sad though, its such a joyous time, what Jesus did for me gave me life, eternal life. The world we live we mourn the death of loved ones, but really, how can we feel sorry about being given such a gracious and undeserving gift?

We are off to have Breakfast with Chris's family this morning so will go now and ponder some more ;)

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Yarn Shopping!

Well, I went to a yarn store and came out with a few little things, does that count as yarn shopping?? Sounds so grand when you see it in the title - LOL

Anyway, I went Sassafras Wool Store for a little window shopping, ON MY OWN!, this morning as Chris had the morning off work. I was under the instructions that I wasnt to spend any money. I did :( I am yet to break it to him, wish me luck ;)

Here is my little package I came home with.

I got some yummy Organic Merino for a GF's new little baby's beanie that I am going to knit and a new cable for my KnitPicks. AND, I got a 10% discount cause the lady felt like being nice to me :) So, all that for $18!!!!!!! Oh, and whats in the cute little package at the front left???

VINTAGE BUTTONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The lot for $3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So, with my buttons I got today I thought I better make use of one. Perhaps that might ease Chris's mind to know I am using them?? Dunno, worth a try ;)

Its a pinwheel hair clip made from Amy Butlers new range with a little vintage button in the middle. I have it on now :)

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Apron Obesssion

Ok, a friend of mine (Janine) introduce me to an obsession with aprons. What I find most amusing about it that I am yet to actually make one. I am drawn to the word 'apron' which makes me giggle a little.

I have some beautiful Valori Wells fabric set up ready to go but am yet to actually make it (the fabric in my header is from Valori Wells as well)

I just found this blog with a give away for an apron called Chruch Ladies Apron Pattern. I just LOVE it. I would have to say, followed a close second, came the Clothes Pin Apron.

This is the book that Janine has that started my love. I want to make this one. Which funnily enough has a free tutorial.

Daylight Savings

So, Daylight savings ended this morning so we get an extra hour sleep - YAY Well, that was prior to having kids :( Do you think that a 2yo or a 9yo understand the concept of having a sleep in, noooooooo.

Malakai gets up at about 6.30am since he moved into a bed, so that turned into 5.30am this morning. 30 mins later Cody followed.

I know that 6.30am is a normal wake up time for some people but I just cant 'do' mornings. I am without a doubt a night person. As long as I can remember I struggled to get out of bed in the mornings. Even when I was in prep I remember my Dad coming in to rip the covers off cause I wouldnt get moving.

So, now that its almost 8am I might try and get ready for church.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

New Header

Do you like my new header????

I think its pretty funky ;) Took me a while for 2 reasons.
1. I have an average Digital camera - bring on the SLR - LOL
2. I suck at Photoshop :(

So, guess whats on my wish list?? An SLR and lessons on how to use Photoshop. Yeah - I could actually read the manual but lessons seems like more fun ;)

Hand Made Yummies

Its quite a strange thing that the more you around certain people the more you think like them ;) I often visit a few forums that have quite a few WAHM's amongst their ranks. You come to appreciate their work and other WAHM's. Yes, their creations are more expensive than mass produced items but you are assured to get a quality item that is supporting small business is Australia.

Here are some yummy things I found this morning on Made It

All the pics are links so they will take you straight to the listing.

I will post some yummy boy stuff tomorrow ;)

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

What have I been up to?

Well, I drafted a pattern for the flower girl dress and it fits! I am pretty chuffed with myself ;) I am not entirly happy with how it looks but I think that might have to do with the fabric. I am sure that it will go with the bridal party and its what the bride asked for but . . . its just not what I would have choosen. This is the first time I have sewn something thats not my cup of tea. I guess its a good learning curve for me ;)

Other than that, my little boy softie is still waiting to be sewn up :( I cant quite get the fabric selection down for him.

I have been knitting as well a little beanie for a GF's little bubba. I will post a pic when I am done.

So, knitting and sewing hasnt left much time for my study :( I really need to get onto that.