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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Fresh Cut Soaps

Oh wow! Kelly, a close friend of mine, has just decided to open up a little store called "Fresh Cut Soaps". I knew she had been working away at her stock, but oh my! I just found her BLOG . . . you MUST go over there to see all the yummies she has been making.

She is due to open her store in a few weeks. I cant wait!!

Some of her new soaps are:

Coconut Lime Salt Bar
Green Tea and Chamomile Infusion
Cucumber Lime Facial Bar
Apple Peel
Choc Banana Shaving Soap
Black Raspberry
Manuka, Vanilla Bean and Goatsmilk
Chocolate Coffee Scrub

Check them out!! YUMO!!!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Oh blog oh blog, I have neglected thee

So sorry Mr Blog, I havent been keeping you up with the goings on in my life.

Honestly there isnt much to report on at the moment. I dont have a camera :( Which is getting me a little down. The Whirlwind that lives in our house - aka Malakai - left it for dead :( Have to work out how we are going to get it repaired.

Other than that, I have spent more time that ever stalking other peoples knitting and sewing and getting pretty much NOTHING done here. My house doesnt even look nice considering ;) LOL

So, I will, I promise, try and update you more often, but with no pics atm :(