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Monday, September 14, 2009

Craft to do list . . .

So, I thought blogging my list might be a good idea to try and remember which project to do first ;)

So, sewing I have:
- Frilly skirt for Lucy's daughter
- Pink Fig Lily Top and wide leg pants for Indi's birthday outfit
- Birthday present for Lisa (it was a month ago *blush*)
- Another little swing top for Indi for summer (I will post pics of the ones that i made on Sat for you in the next few days :) )
- Make it Perfect skirt for me

- Leg warmers for Mel's daughter
- Ishbel for me
- Socks for me in 4ply - wish me luck ;) Probably Eunice by Cookie A.
- Celtic Cable Neckwarmer

All that knitting doesnt include woolies that I need to do Indi for summer.

Ok . . . I will have a think and add if I can think of anymore I am missing.

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  1. You sound like a busy bee. I recently posted about my craft 'to do' list, but wasn't brave enough to make a list. Well done to you!!!