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Friday, July 24, 2009

Oh blog oh blog, I have neglected thee

So sorry Mr Blog, I havent been keeping you up with the goings on in my life.

Honestly there isnt much to report on at the moment. I dont have a camera :( Which is getting me a little down. The Whirlwind that lives in our house - aka Malakai - left it for dead :( Have to work out how we are going to get it repaired.

Other than that, I have spent more time that ever stalking other peoples knitting and sewing and getting pretty much NOTHING done here. My house doesnt even look nice considering ;) LOL

So, I will, I promise, try and update you more often, but with no pics atm :(


  1. Life without a camera sux :( Laila broke my last one by pulling ot off the desk by the download cord. Luckily I got a new one for my birthday in April :)

  2. Hope that you are able to get it fixed or a new one soon. Do you have an accidental clause on your home insurance???