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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Yarn Shopping!

Well, I went to a yarn store and came out with a few little things, does that count as yarn shopping?? Sounds so grand when you see it in the title - LOL

Anyway, I went Sassafras Wool Store for a little window shopping, ON MY OWN!, this morning as Chris had the morning off work. I was under the instructions that I wasnt to spend any money. I did :( I am yet to break it to him, wish me luck ;)

Here is my little package I came home with.

I got some yummy Organic Merino for a GF's new little baby's beanie that I am going to knit and a new cable for my KnitPicks. AND, I got a 10% discount cause the lady felt like being nice to me :) So, all that for $18!!!!!!! Oh, and whats in the cute little package at the front left???

VINTAGE BUTTONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The lot for $3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So, with my buttons I got today I thought I better make use of one. Perhaps that might ease Chris's mind to know I am using them?? Dunno, worth a try ;)

Its a pinwheel hair clip made from Amy Butlers new range with a little vintage button in the middle. I have it on now :)


  1. Ohhh, lovely. Love the yarn, its so pretty. And I love the hair clip, so funky :D

  2. Oh, cute hairclip!

    I'd say the Monster Truck show could easily be the same one... I think it travels around Austalia... you'll know if it has a scoobydoo truck in it! lol...

    Have you got the keyfob and parts yet? I only sent it a few days ago, so probably not... especially with Easter break now. Hopefully soon!! It will be the longest wait for a parcel you have ever had! *blush*

    Ruth xx

  3. Yay for vintage buttons and yoyo clips!