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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Welcome new chookies ;)

Warning - Pic Heavy

I got 2 new chickens the night before last. All very exciting :) I am not 100% on their names yet but at the moment they are Sampson and Delilah.

They are called Pekins (they are missing a few tail feathers at the moment). I bought them from a Breeder in Melbourne called Bookachook. They are such a lovely pet to have. We now have 4 Hens and 2 Roosters. Mildred, Bernadette, Doris, Delilah (?), Noah and Sampson (?). If you have any suggestions on names please let me know :) The Rooster has to be an Biblical old testament name and the Hen can be any old fashioned name ;)

While I am here I will show off the new coop that Chris made for me. I am just so impressed :) Its so perfect :) Thank you to my lovely husband :) I now have 2 coops, one for them to sleep in every day which can house them all (Chris modified it from a double dog kennel a friend gave us with building materials we found during a hard rubbish collection) and one for when my hens go broody next summer for them to have little chicks in :) I cant wait. We hatched 3 chicks last year so hoping we can beat that this year coming.

And here is one more of Malakai snuggling into Noah, our current Rooster that is currently set for the chopping block :( Hes a little strange for a Rooster, not really sure what his deal is. Roosters generally look after their girls but he doesnt. We hatched him right before our last Rooster sadly died.

A few more pics just cause I can ;)

Doris (Blue) Bernadette (Buff)

MildredNoah in the front

They look a little ratty at the moment cause they are moulting.

EDIT: I just went to check on them all to make sure they went to bed ok and Malakai had put a big ball in their coop so they were all snuggled around it - haaa haaa, too funny ;)


  1. They look great - I am hoping to get some when we move at the end of the year - would love to have our own little egg farm in the back yard. LOL at the rooster set for the chop!

  2. Oooh you lucky thing! How about Zerubbabel for the rooster - one of the bizarrest OT names! DH is always threatening to call our kids that when I'm pg LOL!