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Monday, April 13, 2009

Monster Trucks

We went to the Monster Truck show last night :) It was quite $ to get in and if you ever plan on going, PRE-PURCHASE your tickets. We parked ages away and had to walk to the gate (took about half an hour) only to be faced with a cue that took just as long.

We eventually got in. When we walked up to the display area a truck happened to come past right where we were standing and frighted the life out of poor Malakai. For the rest of the night he stayed snuggled into my chest with my hands over his ears otherwise he became really upset.

Towards the end of the show he did come around a little bit and would look at the trucks driving past. So, having said all that, you can kind of assume, I didnt get to see much of the show :(

There were also some jet cars that Malakai quited liked as they werent quite as loud and the fire really lit up the night sky.

Indigo was such a treat :) She slept snuggled up on Chris's chest in my Pikkolo all night :)

If we ever went again we would get there much earlier, bring ear plugs for the kids, and put a blanket down to make sure we had plenty of room. Oh, and pre-purchase tickets - ha ha


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  2. Oh, that all sounds a bit annoying.

    It is definitely the same show we went to, because that monster truck in your photo was Ben's favourite :-)

    We did pre-purchase our tickets and got there really early which I think really helped. We got a lucky parking spot really close to the entrance gate, and took chairs etc and made ourselves a little area to watch from, that was well back from the action... so it did all go pretty smoothly, but yes, it was expensive!